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Wakeboard and water skiing

Asd gasare wakeboard club is a wakeboarding school (and all towing sports) affiliated with the Italian water skiing and wakeboarding federation and recognized by CONI with federal technicians - instructors with decades of experience to help you define and achieve the most ambitious goals.

We are also glad to help those starting from scratch and we use videos to do it!

For information and reservations do not hesitate to contact us

our courses

The ASD offers Wakeboard courses and all variants of water sports: wakesurf, wakeskate, bodyboard for the little ones, freestyle skis, mono-skis and bare feet. Depending on what you want to do in the water, we offer preparatory courses through specific tools such as the indoboard, the slacke line, the trampoline and the revolving table.

The primary objectives of the club are to spread Wakeboard by organizing unique courses and spectacular events to increase the number of ordinary members and grow the group of competitive athletes.

The Lecco wakeboard courses are suitable for all levels and ages, in each lesson you will be lead by federal technicians who will be able to lead you to reach your short-term goals and they will also be able to show you how to reach even the most ambitious and long-term ones regardless of whether you want to pursue a competitive career or practice your discipline simply for fun.

- wake board courses
Boat trips can be single or in company to have fun, let off steam and train, but above all to improve your skills while learning new exercises.
The right strategies allow you to learn quickly and in complete safety, from the water start to the basic positions, the rotations up to the more technical maneuvers in wakeboarding, wakeskate, wakesurf or freestyle skiing. Water at the right speeds is the best impact surface to learn the first moves (spins and somersaults). A theorical class before entering the water is included in the price and the session time is always effective: from the entrance in the water to when you decide to stop.
The lesson continues in recoveries with mistakes correction.

- summer camp
In June for school-age children to learn 360 ° water sports and experience the lake safely.
From Monday to Friday, from 10 to 17, a maximum of 6 participants per week. Two sessions a day, educational training with the available club tools, video review, lunch and snack included. Rapid progress is guaranteed.

- company courses
They are ideal for sharing a unique experience and improving personal and work relationships.

- indoboard and trampoline courses
Personal and group courses for all ages to improve your skills starting from the quality of the positions and movements of your body.

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