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Lake and mountain activities

our specialists operate in the following areas

NORTHERN ITALY: Lake Como, Lake Pusiano, Valtellina, Valchiavenna, Valsassina, Mount Rosa group, Ossola

SWITZERLAND: Canton Ticino, Canton Grisons


some ideas for your days in contact with nature!

you can choose to move with the assistance of a guide or in complete autonomy.


- orienteering with skill tests (team building)

- excursion with bushcraft activities and "trapper" cooking (team building)

- construction of floating rafts and navigation tests

- archery from the packraft

- e-bike mountain bike trails in the mountains of Lake Como,

  Valtellina, canton Ticino.

- climbing experiences indoor or on natural wall in the area of Como,

   Ticino Canton.

- technological treasure hunt in the historic center of Como

- city bike tour in the historic center of Como

- trekking of two or three days

- orienteering in the snow with survival tests

- Polynesian canoe/packraft experiences

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